Faith to Faithless panel discussion on JWs at King’s College London

A panel discussion between ex-Jehovah’s Witness activists:

Deborah Frances-White – Deborah is a successful Australian Comedian and an exJW based in London. She has a an award winning show on BBC Radio 4 called Roll the Dice.

Nick French – exJW based in Scotland who has spoken out about the abuse cover-ups within the JW religion.

Marc & Cora Latham – exJW’s who have a YouTube channel that criticises the WT organisation and helps those who have left the religion. They spend a considerable amount of time offering emotional and practical support to exJWs who have recently left, or who are victims of abuse.

Lydia Finch – exJW activist who speaks out on Twitter, creates YouTube videos, and has given talks about the abuses that exist within the JW religion.

Terri O’Sullivan – exJW activist who founded and now co-runs the exJW UK support group.

Tickets are currently £4 each, on the door it will be £6. Book here—>
More info to follow….


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